Video marketing proposal
Bellow you will find the list of our services, types of visuals and price ranges for each service. Specially for introDus we prepared couple of options which could work well specifically for this business unit.
How to/Edutainment/Social media content videos
Useful videos without direct and aggressive advertising. Teach your customers how to use services.
Increase their engagement and trust. Good for new and active users.
Price range: $1000-$2000 per unique video.
Videos from pre made assets / stock / curated / photo compilation
Very fast and cost-efficient. No custom shooting needed, only good editorial work from pre made content.
Price range: starts from $150 per video + assets
Service/product videos
Short and powerful product videos, shows features and characteristics of your product. Simple and effective.
Price range: $1000-$3000 per unique video
Advertising / promo/ brand
Complicated art custom video with unique script, actors and multiple locations. The best way for telling stories.
Price range: starts from $4000 per video
Animation, motion graphic and infographics
Very good format for presentations, explainers or telling the stories.
Price range - $1000 - $3000 per video
Gifs and cinemagraphs
Capture attention with unusual formats of ads. Draw people into your story with immersive animated adverts. Works very effective on Facebook and Instagram.

Price - $150 from ready video
Promotion of videos and digital content

Whatever you want to tell your customers, whether it's a new product, application features, assortment or something special around your brand, we know exactly how to make an attractive video content out of this and promote it precisely among those categories of customers who are interested in you now or potentially.

There are no geographical limits for us to make people know your products worldwide.
Facebook/Instagram promotion
Full service of Social Media management from content creation to promotion:

- Video targeted seeding
- Company's page promotion
- Work with micro influencers
- Facebook ads
- Retargeting
- Page customization

We create videos, promote them and all this for the sake of the most important goal: efficiency. Yes, that's all about it. Because we're not just making videos. We think of people watching them, situations in which they get this content and gadgets they use while streaming.

Price range - starts from $500
Youtube promotion
One stop shop solution for Youtube channel development and promotion:

- Channel design and customization
- Video targeted seeding
- Channel promotion
- SEO for videos and channel

Smart targeting on your key audience and transforming your viewers into customers.

Price range - starts from $500

Digital strategy

Together with the production and promotion of video content, it is very important to create the right communication strategy in social networks. Firstly, because it will allow you to reach more customers faster. Secondly, because the promoted videos will also be able to promote your communities in social networks, which in general will lead to an increase of your Internet audience at times. And what's more, you will have a new high-quality channel for communicating with customers, which will improve their interaction with products, and for you it will increase sales and related services.

The following figures will tell the best about our experience in creating the communication platforms:

- We have attracted more than 50 000 000 subscribers on social platforms.
- Now we create more than 100 videos every month which are viewed more that 40 000 000 times monthly.

Entrust us with the creation of digital strategy, content management and promotion of your communities, in order to see pleasant results in a very short time.

Price range - starts from $800

Please don't hesitate to contact us with any open questions you may have.
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