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The industry of surface preparation and painting remains an area demanding high competencies. It combines requirements for deep knowledge of technology, physical and chemical processes, practical skills in painting and many others. At the same time, evolution brings materials with unique properties, new requirements for efficiency and safety of processes on bodyshop and the consumer becomes more demanding.

Most radical changes occur to people, their habits and behavior. And this is also true of all the participants in industry, including employees, customers and partners. A generation of young professionals comes to the enterprises. They are used to quick access to any data and demand the same approach when it comes to the tools for professional needs. The customer gets acquainted with the brand, long before meeting a representative of the manufacturer or distributor.

We see digital media as a main solution that matches a long list of demands for a change. It becomes a dominating channel in business communications, whereas, professional communities in social networks largely determine the attitude to a particular brand.

Industry leader should provide the following benefits to its partners and customers:
Digital leadership
to be a leader in digital communication channels, and to be able to unite and develop a professional community
to adapt support to the changing environment and modern tools
Information and knowledge
to develop skills in the most effective ways, provide instant access to any information and support in the implementation of innovative materials
Professional growth
to support the high prestige of the industry, help every single person who has chosen this profession to become successful and be proud of his achievements
Competition in the industry moves from the laboratory to the customer and partner contact points. Competitive advantage is formed in strategic marketing and the development of relations.
Therefore, business faces the following challenges:
Creating a step-by-step innovative marketing strategy with a deep understanding of the target audience.
Instruments and channels of communication
Producing effective digital marketing materials that convey brand and product values. Selecting relevant communication channels.
Feedback setup
Establishing a quick and professional respond to the customer requests.
–°onversion and analysis
Converting contacts into sales, analyzing the efficiency of marketing activities.
Challenges is our passion
EPIO Group of Companies has been supplying materials and technologies for the preparation and painting of all types of surfaces in the CIS countries for more than
20 years.

Through years and geographic regions of experience, we have developed a system of efficient services and tools for our customers. It includes training and technical support programs, consulting, engineering proposals and integrated programs for the most ambitious transformations.

Today, innovative marketing becomes a driver for the growth of the enterprises in the industry. Inspired by the achievements of our partners in the field of digital media, we created EPIO iLab.

Our background provides our core components:
Industry vision and expertise
Competence in innovative marketing
Unique regional expertise
And that is exactly what we do to help you succeed:
Explore your product and its target audience
Based on the results of the research and applying our experience, we offer an innovative strategy for product promotion.
We implement the strategy with the help of unique and effective tools.
We analyze efficiency of every activity to make improvements and offer new tools
Integrated innovation marketing strategy is a solution to enhance your position as an industry leader.
Here are some of the tools just to give you an idea of what innovations we use in the implementation of the strategy.
Digital video marketing
Experience of our digital marketing company and its experts comes from developing social communities that have attracted more than 50 000 000 subscribers in variety of spheres from FMCG to Entertainment.

While building such communities we discovered the way how instruments like production and promotion of social media ads, corporate, product, promo videos, 3D visualisations, and animations can
turn viewers into customers.

EPIO iLab is driven by idea to bring this knowledge into industrial field to change traditional marketing paradigms.


Virtual Reality-interface proposes unprecedented opportunities to the variety of business needs such as demonstration, education, engineering etc. The current state of technology is close to reality from both visual and functional points.

The synergy of competencies within the team allows us to develop VR-trainers for coating industry for both beginner and advanced painters with a variety of possible content. Keeping a finger on the pulse of developing technologies of virtual and augmented reality, we transfer their potential to increase the efficiency of the current processes in the industry.
Holographic content
Hypervsn is a complete media planning solution for creating, managing and displaying your unique 3D video content with holographic effect.

Now let's make things happen with EPIO iLab!
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