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If you want to tell someone your story today, just show the video.
More than 50% of people use mobile phones daily to surf the Internet. And most of them prefer video content - the most modern and fastest way to deliver information. Ten years ago, the picture was completely different, but the incredibly rapid development of technology leads us to a new reality.

Your today's and especially tomorrow's customers already belong to the new generation ready to take the information only presented in a colorful, attractive and concise form. And in those digital platforms that are most often used by them. The specificity of your business assumes an obligatory visual acquaintance of customers both with the products themselves, and with the incredible results of their application.

Every time you think about whether to start producing and promoting video content about EVERCOAT products, know that your competitors are already doing the same, and some of them are probably doing it well.

We, in epioilab, having a huge experience in creating and promoting digital content, have combined the talent of video artists and marketers to offer you a really effective proposal.
Once we will have an opportunity to ask you more questions about your products and vision, we will offer a unique video strategy. Now, relying on the facts we know about the company's long history, and a huge range of products, we want to offer our capabilities.

Bellow you will find the list of our services and types of visuals. Specially for EVERCOAT we prepared couple of options which could work well specifically for this business unit.

Advertising / promo/ image / presentation
Catch the attention of your customers with complicated art custom videos. Unique script, actors and multiple locations. The best way for telling stories.
3D visualisation
Show the perfection of your product from all sides. It does not just look like the future. It is the future.
How to/ Edutainment/ Social media content videos
What if customers used your products at full capacity? Sometimes they do not even know about the presence of some functions. This situation is easy to change with colorful and understandable teaching videos.
Product videos
Short and powerful product videos, shows features and characteristics of your products. Simple and effective.
Art/Macro/Slow mo/Conceptual
Beautiful, unusual viral videos that catch attention. Show paints industry from the unusual angle. Very good for social networks and promotion.
Animation, motion graphic and infographics
Very good format for presentations, explainers or telling the stories.
Gifs and cinemagraphs
Capture attention with unusual formats of ads. Draw people into your story with immersive animated adverts. Works very effective on Facebook and Instagram.
AR/VR/MR in advertising
These technologies are stunning and create unique possibilities for any business to surprise and deliver outstanding experiences that your clients will never forget.
What we do
- Virtual showrooms
- Interactive catalogs
- 360 videos and live streams
- Simulators and educational trainers
- Games and gaming mechanics
- Presentations
- Unusual creatives, special ad projects and integrations
Promotion of videos

Whatever you want to tell your customers, whether it's a new product, application features, assortment or the history of your brand, we know exactly how to make an attractive video content out of this and promote it precisely among those categories of customers who are interested in you now or potentially.

There are no geographical limits for us to make people know your products worldwide.
Facebook/Instagram promotion
Full service of Social Media management from content creation to promotion:

- Video targeted seeding
- Company's page promotion
- Facebook ads
- Retargeting
- Page customization

We create videos, promote them and all this for the sake of the most important goal: efficiency. Yes, that's all about it. Because we're not just making videos. We think of people watching them, situations in which they get this content and gadgets they use while streaming.
Youtube promotion
One stop shop solution for Youtube channel development and promotion:

- Channel design and customization
- Video targeted seeding
- Channel promotion
- SEO for videos and channel

Smart targeting on your key audience and transforming your viewers into customers.

Digital strategy

Together with the production and promotion of video content, it is very important to create the right communication strategy in social networks. Firstly, because it will allow you to reach more customers faster. Secondly, because the promoted videos will also be able to promote your communities in social networks, which in general will lead to an increase of your Internet audience at times. And what's more, you will have a new high-quality channel for communicating with customers, which will improve their interaction with products, and for you it will increase sales and related services.

The following figures will tell the best about our experience in creating the communication platforms:

- We have attracted more than 50 000 000 subscribers on social platforms.
- Now we create more than 100 videos every month which are viewed more that 40 000 000 times monthly.

Entrust us with the creation of digital strategy, content management and promotion of your communities, in order to see pleasant results in a very short time.

If after reviewing our full list of services you feel like the items don't fit your needs appropriately, just send me a comment and I'll make any necessary changes.
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