VR for innovative
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VR is a progressive way to optimize the education, learn how to work with complicated systems, and to develop the prototypes of resource-intensive objects.
VR, as a marketing tool, that allows acquiring visual information from the first-person perspective, estimate the size of an object, try the system ergonomics and, finally, get needed impressions in comfortable conditions.

Last project — Spray Booth — Paint and Varnish Industry


We are a team of committed professionals that are pioneers of the virtual reality development in the region. Our practical experience was formed thanks to a range of the projects that were carried out in b2b & entertainment spheres, and received a positive feedback from the experts and users.

One of EPIO iLab tasks is to meet the practical goals of business. To get that done, we are working in close cooperation with the leading experts in the field, that will benefit from the engineering of this solution; doing research & development, and assign a high priority to a meticulous elaboration of the virtual environment details.

Our services
VR concept development for business
Solution prototyping
3D content develoment, animation, visual- & sound effects
Gamification and VR product strategy

VR implementation areas
  • Education
  • Marketing
  • Medicine
  • Trade and real estate
  • Industry
  • Games
  • Cinema
  • Sport broadcasts, shows, entertainment
  • Social media

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